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All About Technology

These days, most people live in a life dominated by technology. Our houses are centrally heated and cooled and use lots of different high-tech materials. We eat food that has been scientifically engineered. We travel at high speeds both in the air and on land. We communicate with electronic devices such as computers and cell phones. Technology has had a significant impact on our natural environment, on our interpersonal dynamics, and even on our minds. As it continues to take over, it is becoming vital that we consider the effects it is having on us and our society as well as understand its advantages and disadvantages.

Beginning of Modern Technology

Though humans have always utilized technology in some way or another, “modern technology” actually began with the Industrial Revolution, which occurred in the mid-18th century. The Industrial Revolution saw a cultural shift away from methods of production such as hand, craft, and community-based. The second shift occurred when the transistor and computer were invented in the mid-20th century.

Culture and Technology

The effect that technology has had on culture is so widespread that for the most part, people are not really consciously aware of it. Since it is so prevalent in every aspect of our lives, we live in a sort of “technological matrix” and don’t really consider the effect it is having on our society and even ourselves. However, modern technology allows easy and rapid transportation, communication, food, and even medical intervention- all of which has some effect on our personal lives.

Benefits of Technology

Modern technology has helped to reduce many human difficulties. For example, the invention of penicillin has prevented loss of life from infections and diseases. Machines do the work that required the work of many people before the Industrial Revolution. Through printing, electronic, and distribution, books and other printed materials have been able to reach all levels of society. Additionally, society has opened up a world of opportunities for many that in previous times would not have happened.

Dangers of Technology

Of course, you should know that though it has many benefits, technology also has many dangers. It has had a detrimental effect on the natural world, contributing to climate change and more. Additionally, food that has been excessively processed is not healthy for us to consume, so our health is suffering. However, there are also some dangers that are not quite as obvious such as burnout and stress caused by the pace of modern life. Additionally, the whirlwind of negative information can cause despair and depression.

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Modern Technology and Relationships

Modern technology has had a significant effect on the way that people communicate with each other. Technology has offered new and innovative ways to communicate with each other, such as email, text, social networking, and chat. Communication is much faster and much more efficient and can help to build relationships, according to a Surrey IT Support company. On the other hand, technology can also have some negative effects on relationships, such as straining relationships and limiting personal contact. Of course, the effect of technology on a relationship has a lot to do with the relationship.

Effect of Technology on Family Relationships
Modern technology actually limits the separation between work life and home life. With the advent of the internet, computers, and even cell phones, people are able to and, are sometimes expected to deal with work issues from home. This can cause problems between family members and limit the amount of interaction between family members. Additionally, television and the internet can also limit the amount of quality time spent with family members and can cause conflicts between parents and children- especially when children watch too much.

Effect of Technology on Youth Friendships
Today, most young people use technology to communicate with their friends. The preferred method for youth communication is texting and communicating through online chat rooms. One study stated that young people actually prefer to not have to deal with face-to-face interactions, and instead would prefer to communicate through technology. This could be due to the fact that they are unable to form lasting friendships and can’t understand social cues. However, other studies have shown that technology can actually increase communication levels and strengthen relationships.

Effect of Technology on New Relationships
New relationships can be quite difficult. Modern technology allows new connections to be made without the fears that accompany face-to-face contact, and these technologies are marketing to us all the time (Check out the current trends of digital marketing 2015). The low risk level and anonymity make it a popular way to meet new people. However, this can also be very dangerous. In 2011, a woman actually sued an online dating site when she was raped by a man she met on their website.

Effect of Technology on Romantic Relationships
Modern technology helps couples to be on constant contact with one another, which can lead to increased conflict and an increase in expectations. Since technology makes communication so convenient, people often expect an instant reply. A reply that is delayed or not sent at all can cause anger and suspicion. Additionally, social networks can have an effect on relationships because things that were once private, such as conflict, are now being aired to everyone.